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The Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council (Metro-LEC) is a consortium of 43 local police and sheriff departments in the south metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts area which covers 600 square miles and has a corresponding residential population of 850,000 people. The divisions under Metro-LEC are:

METRO-STAR- Special Tactics and Response Division

Metro Star has an authorized strength of 150 tactical police officers which embodies a Regional Response Team (RRT) used for operations involving missing persons, escaped or fleeing suspects, and mitigating incidents of civil unrest. Metro Star also has a 25 officer Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team.

Metro LEC has also formed a Computer Crime Unit (CCU)which handles cases ranging from child pornography to internet crimes. The Computer Crime Unit is stationed at the Norwood Police Station under the direction of Det. David Papargiris.

Members of Metro Law Enforcement Council from the Dedham Police:

SWAT - Sgt. McMillan, Officer Lemanski

CCU - Sgt. Connolly

RRT - Sgt. Buckley

Picture taken of Dedham RRT members from Democratic National Convention in July 2004

SWAT Member Officer Frank McMillan (rear) patrols the perimeter of the Fleet Center during the DNC in Boston.
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